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I create objects and installations that explore the personal and familiar topographies from our daily lives. I use multiples to create patterns, and draw inspiration from the objects we use every day: bowls, vases and vessels. Forms repeat, patterns emerge, and conversations build through slight variations in form. The spaces between the shapes speak, and shadows become tangible. One moment begins, changes slightly, and echoes form and evolve. Repetition as exploration. The presence of absence.


This tendency to simplify and distill is embodied in the landscape of my childhood. Colorado is a land of opposites where the Great Plains rush up to meet the Rocky Mountains: when the snow falls, it hides what is underneath and makes all things equal, softer, and mysterious. This quiet sensibility is echoed in my work. Any action leaves a trace in the landscape, like Richard Long's line in the field, where the action is not witnessed, but the evidence is seen and remembered.
My approach to ceramics incorporates these dichotomies that have surrounded me my whole life. I choose to work with clay because of its ability to be soft and brittle, strong and fragile. Its associations with function are important to me. I often incorporate other media as well, and believe that the dialogue that ceramics can have with such diverse mediums as video, sound and light, make for a unique and powerful conversation.









In the Wake




You Only Have What You Remember



Material and Meaning: Ceramics and Installation Art

NCECA Journal, vol. 33, 2012


Handle with Care

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