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Listen/Speak is a series of objects that explore transformation. These pieces are portals, or sites where something immaterial (a voice, music, information) is turned into something we can interpret: sound. In the form of speakers and receivers, these objects are distilled down their basic shapes, where we are allowed to see the forms as they are, taken out of context of a telephone or a stereo system, and left to imagine what type of information they are receiving and transmitting.


I have explored this concept of transformation in various ways through installations, video, and ceramic sculpture. The role of speakers and listeners, us, and our relationship to these forms is what I am exploring in this work. The type of information you send and receive is up to the viewer, and is left open to interpretation. Ambiguity is interesting to me. An unanswered question has an unlimited possibility of solutions, and each person can pick the one they want. Leaving room for interpretation holds attention in the work.







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