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Inspired by living in the Northwest rain combined with memories from my childhood in Colorado, Condensation features slip-cast bowls sliding down the wall, creating a tension and awareness in the viewer. Drawing upon the fragility of ceramics, the multiple forms create a conversation, where the absence between each element creates an open and porous environment.


My work seeks to simplify and distill, and is inspired by the landscape of my childhood. Colorado is a land of opposites where the Great Plains rush up to meet the Rocky Mountains: when the snow falls, it hides what is underneath and makes all things equal, softer, and mysterious.


Snow drifts are asymmetrical, forming from the constantly changing forces of wind, snow and landscapes, both natural and artificial. Small particles join together to create masses that are sometimes impassable: a formidible force.


This drift is made from fragile ceramic bowls, glazed only on one side, installed so that these facets change as you move around the piece. The colors are reminiscent of the northwest, green and blue, fading in strength as the piece tapers.


Time passes and accumulates.





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